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the past and pending

loiter the whole day through/ and lose yourself in lines dissecting love

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pretty much the whedonverse, the brothers winchester and just about any bryan fuller show
almost famous, amelie, annie hall, big fish, clueless, death at a funeral, garden state, jaws, moulin rouge, reefer madness: the movie musical, serenity, star wars the original trilogy, there will be blood, terminator 1 and 2, two for the road, the virgin suicides, wall.e, x-men trilogy
tv shows:
angel, arrested development, battlestar galactica, the big bang theory, bones, buffy the vampire slayer, chuck, dollhouse, firefly, gilmore girls, mad men, pushing daisies, supernatural, terminator: the sarah connor chronicles, the office, veronica mars, wonderfalls
audrey hepburn, cary grant, daniel day lewis, jack nicholson, jensen ackles, judi dench, kate hudson, kate winslet, katharine hepburn, kristen bell, lauren graham, nathan fillion, sarah michelle gellar, tom welling
the shins, simon & garfunkel, the beatles, andrew bird, queen, the new pornographers, iron & wine, cat stevens, nickel creek, she & him, bad company, regina spektor, norah jones, blue oyster cult and the soundtrack to once more, with feeling
1984, a prayer for owen meany, blindness, the cider house rules, nancy drew series, slaughterhouse five, song of solomon, to kill a mockingbird, the world according to garp
author: John Irving
buffy/spike, mac/beaver, willow/oz, ned/chuck, jess/rory, luke/loralei, willow/tara, xander/willow, sam/dean (platonic), bones/booth, chuck/sarah, kaylee/simon, cordelia/angel, sierra/victor, adelle/topher
my favorite tv god:
joss whedon

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"I'm not ashamed. It's the computer age. Nerds are in. They're still in, right?"
-- Willow from BtVS

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