lucky_penny01 (lucky_penny01) wrote,

I had to delete a few of my recent posts due to a virus. I will try to replace them later once I can get rid of it.
Tags: virus

  • And they're baaaaack...

    I apologize for the super cheesy title. I don't know what possessed me to write that. I also apologize for the bad pun. I don't know what's wrong…

  • (no subject)

    +006 Firefly +011 Supernatural +006 Pushing Daisies +001 Angel +004 Doctor Horrible +003 Mad Men +001 Harry Potter 001 002 003…

  • epic fandom shoes

    Re-watching every star wars movie + lack of desire to do something productive + a major love of fandom + a cheap pair of off-brand shoes and puff…

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