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I just joined a lovely comm called whedonland whichnowgold started. I'm on Team Firefly (the Browncoats for those in the know)! Here's some information if you're interested in joining:

What is Whedonland about?
It's an interactive community, with a sense of competition. You will be placed in one of the teams : Dollhouse, Serenity, Sunnydale or City of Angels. You will compete against the other teams to defeat the apocolypse first.
To defeat the apocolypse first, your team must have the greatest amount of points on the designated date. You'll learn more about this as we go on.
How do i get points?
A number of can particpate in the icon communities, complete trivia games, write fic, and other assorted tasks that will come up. Particpation gets you points, winning gets you more points.
Each team will also have in-team activities and fun of their own!
What team will i be in? Can i choose?
Yes and no, teams will be even, so you can have a first choice, but you may get put into any team.
What if i hate my team
You can ask for a transfer, which will be granted on VERY RARE occasions, or you can leave the comm. Once you're in a team, it's preferrable that you stay there!

Tags: fandom

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